Prepped and Polished CEO, Alexis Avila, was recently interviewed by WBZ Channel 4 in Boston to get his opinion on the recent college admissions scandal.

Alexis, Founder/CEO of Prepped and Polished message about the college admissions scandal:

The perpetrators involved in the college admissions scheme acted cowardly and also set bad examples to our children with the message that by taking shortcuts in life you will reach success and happiness expediently. The choice is simple. You can either take the shortcut in life and cut corners in everything you do or you can take the under rated but more fulfilling LONG CUT and enjoy the journey. So, choose wisely. To the parents of teens who believe getting into Ivy League schools correlates with personal happiness and success, think of the words laid out by NY Times Best Selling Author Frank Bruni when he said “Remember a college education if it’s part of a life plan that you can execute is an extraordinary opportunity and adventure regardless of what that colleges acceptance rate is and there is a bevy of colleges that can give you an extraordinary education.”

Frank Bruni, Prepped and Polished Podcast, Episode 66

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