On episode 70 of The Prepped & Polished Podcast Alexis talks to Carrie Clark. On today’s show, Carrie will give you ideas on how to best help students with speech and language challenges.

Our Guest:

Carrie Clark is the founder of www.Speechandlanguagekids.com, a leading online resource for information and activities on all types of speech and language delays, disorders, and therapies that you can use to improve communication in your child or the students you work with. Carrie is a speech-language pathologist who runs a private practice in Columbia, Missouri.

She worked at the public schools for about four years doing speech therapy with kiddos, mostly ages 3 through 5 years, but she worked within a team of therapists that were serving the entire district, so she had some older kids in there.

Carrie’s best in-home activity for parents working w children with speech and language issues: Encourage Reading! Share a book with your child and have him or her answer questions based on the story ie) predict what will happen next

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