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On episode 212, Alexis Avila brings back to the show Brian Lomax. Brian founded PerformanceXtra in 2009 with a mission of helping athletes achieve their goals and their top performances more consistently through a progression of mental skills that enables them to focus on what is truly important.

The PerformanceXtra Program goes beyond just physical practice and it incorporates aspects of Sport Psychology, Positive Psychology, Character Building and Leadership Skills.  He earned his Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Positive Coaching from the University of Missouri, and he has been certified in Mental Toughness Training by the Human Performance Institute.  In 2010, Brian left a successful corporate career to pursue PerformanceXtra on a full-time basis, and today he works with individual athletes, teams, and coaches in group sessions as well as privately.

On today’s episode Brian gives us his best tips on how to get tougher mentally.

Brian’s advice for getting ready for high school:

  1. Preparation. Get prepared mentally for what you are about to face in high school.
  2. Energy management. Don’t spend too much time expending energy all the time by studying and playing sports and spend some time on the recovery side. Relaxation, sleep is very important.

Brian’s advice for teens getting ready for college:

It’s a big step being away from home for first time. Get mentally prepared for it and be open to new experiences.

What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about How do Develop a Warrior Mindset? Do you have any questions for Brian Lomax and Alexis Avila?

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