Technology addiction not only affects grades, but also your quality of life. Here are some strategies I utilize for controlling screen time.

1. Get rid of apps on your phone

Get rid of some apps on your phone. Do you have to get rid of every app on your phone? No, it’s unrealistic.

2. Dedicate a specific amount of time to check post

Dedicate a specific amount of time to check posts and post yourself, like 10 minutes. Get on there and then get off. Close the window and don’t go back to it. The problem is if you leave the window open, you start getting notifications. You get the urge to check every minute or so, and that’s when you become addicted.

3. Do quick comments

Finally, when you comment on posts, do quick comments. Thumbs up, something quick and encouraging. You don’t have to do a long letter. It’s not a long-form writing assignment. You don’t want to waste too much time on there.

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