Alexis Avila, Founder/CEO of Prepped and Polished gives advice for students who consider themselves bad at standardized tests.

Many students don’t feel that they are great on standardized tests. Standardized tests are tough and any student who says otherwise has either had previous experience with the test or a very small percentage are just good on them. But that’s not everyone!

Overall, do some self-reflection and figure out what is and what is not working for you when taking standardized tests. Think about asking for help and know that Prepped and Polished is here as a resource. Once you find someone, it doesn’t have to be us; if you find someone that is helping you stay accountable and work towards your goals, then practice. Keep practicing and keep working until you can succeed.

If you feel like you’re bad at standardized tests, please feel free to reach out to us and tell us your experience. We’ll be able to talk to you and figure out what could he or she do differently to improve his or her score, and we’re going to be there to hold you accountable, and we’re going to be there to help you the best that we can.

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