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In this video, we discuss how using a chemical reactions notebook can help you ace your AP chemistry exam.

What you need to do with the reactions notebook is get just any plain notebook that you have, and every time in class or during your review that you see a reaction, write that reaction down in the notebook.

The AP exam tests reactions in pretty much every section, even in one section where you have to predict the products and reactants and balance the reaction.

Sometimes, they don’t really follow the guidelines of the patterns that you see in your prep books. For those particular situations, having these reactions constantly written down while you’re writing them down and writing your own notes next to those reactions, you’re going to start developing an intuition. You start seeing the patterns and reactions. So, on test day when you see a reaction, it’s not going to give you any anxiety. You’re just going to go and write down the product, write on the reactant, and you’re going to know it.

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Published On: February 17th, 2024By Categories: FeaturedTags: ,

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