On episode 104, Alexis Avila talks to the tutor and writer of the successful tutor blog, The Tutor Coach (formally known as The Tutor House). On today’s episode, Adrianne Meldrum shares her amazing story of how she went from an unemployed teacher to starting a wildly successful website that provides resources for tutors, parents, and students. If you are looking for a free lesson plan for your child, or considering starting your own tutoring business, then this episode is a must listen!

Tutors often have a hard time saying “no” so Adrianne created resources for setting up policies for your tutoring business.

Adrianne’s observations: There are not enough tutors out there. Also, it is not easy running a tutoring business!

Adrianne’s words of wisdom: It is never too late to learn, and if you are struggling in school, get a tutor!

Adrianne’s take-aways: For younger kids, consider online tutoring!

For more information, visit: Prepped and Polished.com.

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