ACT tutor Terri of Prepped and Polished shows you on the whiteboard common rhetorical skills question-transitions involving sentences on the ACT English test.

Today I’m gonna cover part one of a three-part series on “How to avoid three pitfalls of rhetorical skills questions on the ACT English test.” The ACT English test has two question types, usage and mechanics and rhetorical skills questions. Usage and mechanics cover punctuation, grammar, word usage and sentence structure. While rhetorical skills test style, organization, and strategy.

Most of my students dread rhetorical skills questions because they find them extremely challenging and time-consuming. Today we’re gonna see how to tackle transitions involving sentences. And transitions can be within sentences or connecting sentences. So here’s a chart that my students find invaluable not only to know about transition words but to help them with answer choices. Once you know the transition words it makes it much easier to select the right answer choice.

So there are three types of transition words, you know, three categories:

  1. Continuers
  2. Contradictors
  3. Cause-and-effect

And some of the more common continuous are and, also, furthermore, moreover, for instance, or for example, indeed, similarly, then, next.

Contradictors show contrast: but, yet, however, although, nevertheless, instead, in contrast, even so, despite, still, meanwhile.

And cause-and-effect words are accordingly, as such, since, consequently, therefore, thus, so, as a result, because.

Here’s a bonus tip for you

Rhetorical skills questions typically take longer than usage mechanics questions. So if you aim for two questions per minute there’s 75 questions, you’ll have approximately eight minutes remaining to review tricky transition questions or any rhetorical question.

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Good luck.

What was your biggest takeaway from this video tutorial about how to avoid 3 pitfalls of rhetorical skills questions on the ACT English test (Transitions Sentences)? Do you have any questions for Terri and Alexis Avila?

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