In the second part of our three part series, ACT tutor Terri of Prepped and Polished shows you on the whiteboard transitions between paragraphs on the ACT English test.

Today, I’m gonna cover part two of a three-part series on how to avoid three pitfalls of rhetorical skills questions on the ACT English test.

The ACT English test has two question types, usage mechanics and rhetorical skills questions.

1. Usage mechanics

Usage mechanics cover grammar punctuation, word choice, and sentence structure or word usage.

2. Rhetorical skills questions.

The rhetorical skills test style, organization, and strategy. Most of my students dread rhetorical skills questions. They find them daunting and very time-consuming.

Today, we’re gonna tackle transitions between paragraphs, a common rhetorical skills question.

These are portions of paragraphs from an actual ACT English Test, and these are the accompanying answer choices. These are the steps to approach that we’re gonna follow and try to find the right answer. So first, it’s saying, “What is the question asking for?” And you wanna know that right away. So here’s the question, given that all the choices are true, and this is what we need to find out, “Which one provides the best transition into the rest of the essay?” And here is the part that we have to consider. It’s in paragraph one, and so we’ll be trying to see if that makes a logical transition into the rest of the essay. Then, you should read the paragraphs with an eye to main ideas.

If you have any questions or you want more in-depth tutoring either online or in person, simply email, and we’ll be glad to help you.

Good luck.

What was your biggest takeaway from this video tutorial about transitions between paragraphs on the ACT English test? Do you have any questions for Terri and Alexis Avila?

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