Terri discusses the ACT English test and transitions between paragraphs in episode #195 of the Prepped and Polished  Podcast.

One thing that’s important to know before we get more into transitions between paragraphs is that the ACT English test has two question types: usage mechanics and rhetorical skills.

The rhetorical skills questions cover styles, strategy and organization. Most of my students dread the rhetorical skills questions. They find these the most difficult and also time-consuming. One of the common types of rhetorical skills questions would be transitions between paragraphs; those are very tricky and there are some steps that can help to conquer transitions between paragraphs.

One tip that I always like to give students is that rhetorical questions on the ACT English test take longer than usage mechanics questions, which cover grammar, punctuation, word usage, and sentence structure. So if a student can aim to complete two questions per minute, there are 75 questions, they’ll have about eight extra minutes to spend on these tricky rhetorical questions like transitions between paragraphs.

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What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about transitions between paragraphs on the ACT English test? Do you have any questions for Terri and Alexis Avila?

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