ACT Instructor Aaron C. shows you three strategies for the ACT English section including:

  1. Have a reason!
  2. Look beyond the underlined phrase or word.
  3. For except, not, least qs, answer the question that doesn’t go along with the rest.

Today we’ll be talking about the ACT English section and particularly three different strategies that we can use.

1. Have a Reason

The first strategy that we’re going to talk about today is have a reason. The reason why you need to have a reason is simply because if you’re going to answer a question, you want to know what you’re actually answering. If you don’t know that, that’s where you will get questions wrong a lot of times. When you come across question, you’re gonna want to ask yourself, what is this actually asking me? Once we know what the question is asking, we’re able to answer it.

2. Look Beyond

For a second strategy, we’re going to be talking about things beyond the underlying phrase or word. The ACT has underlined portions that we are trying to answer. We often have to look both in front of and after that underlying portion to really know what the ACT is asking us. For the second type of strategy, looking beyond the underlined portion, we have to consider what the question asks.

3. Except Not Least Questions

For the final strategy, we’ll be talking about a strategy that deals with except, not, and least questions. When these questions come up, we need to remember that you’re looking for the one that does not go with the rest of them. Because of that, we want to either box, circle, underline, or do whatever we can in order to remember that we’re looking for the one that does not follow with the rest.

What was your biggest takeaway from these strategies? Do you have any questions for Aaron and Alexis Avila?

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