Five Ways to Get Your Children Hooked on Reading

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The Prepped and Polished Podcast is an educational and inspirational show that offers tutoring and test prep tips as well as interviews with celebrities and leaders in education. Alexis Avila, founder of Prepped and Polished LLC, a tutoring and test prep firm for K-college hosts it.

Are you struggling to get your child to read? The Prepped and Polished Podcast is here to help. On today’s Tutoring Tips episode Alexis shares his “Five Tips to Get Your Child Hooked on Reading.”

A lot of students get distracted by all this digital entertainment, but still, we need to instill the quiet joy of reading in our children. So
don’t lose hope; there are five ways we have to get your children hooked on reading.

1. Let them choose

Let your child pick out books to read because children are more likely to read a book that they’ve chosen for themselves, and by picking the book, they’re expressing their interests.

2. Bring a book to life

For many children who are used to viewing stories on a screen it can be difficult a difficult leap to get engaged in the imagination of reading. So give them a helping hand by bringing an aspect of their chosen book to life.

3. Try a series out

You know that moment when your child’s favorite TV show ends an episode, and they just have to know what happens next. Make that happen with a book series.

4. Make a reading routine

You want to help your child pick a dedicated time to read each day, that’s the key. It can take time to make the routine stick, but once it does, your child will be reaching for their book without even realizing it.

5. Be a role model yourself

As children develop, they model their parent’s behaviors and habits. So, while a teacher may instruct a child to read, seeing their parents read can be a more effective motivator.

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