Alexis Avila of Prepped & Polished, LLC shows you five tips for 11th grade success

5 Tips for 11th Grade Success

Junior year, 11th grade, is the most important year of your high school career, and I agree with that. So, it’s a time that you can position yourself as a great candidate for college, and you want to do these five things.

1. Solidify your portfolio

Junior year, 11th grade, is the time for you to look at your college portfolio and see where your holes are up to this point and then fill up and fill in those holes.

2. Come up with a college list.

Start thinking about the pleasant colleges you might be interested in. Do you want to go to a small school, if you want to live close to home, are you on a budget?

3. Take the SAT and or ACT twice Junior Year

Take the SAT or ACT or both, probably twice in the spring of junior. If you can get your SAT out of the way in junior year, then that will free up your time, potentially fall of senior year.

4. Work hard and do well this year

You want to do well in your junior year because college admissions officers look at the junior year. Also, if you get good grades junior year, you can get invited into rigorous and challenging AP and honors courses come senior year.

5. Visit colleges

Visit some of the colleges that you’re interested in, and if you want to really get an early start to it, you can certainly visit colleges before your junior year begins.

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