Simulated Tests for ACT, SAT, ISEE, and SSAT

Our simulated test day helps to eliminate students’ test anxiety and gives them the confidence of knowing exactly what to expect on test day. You can sign up for a private administration 7 days per week or sign up for a group testing date, which occurs on the first Saturday of each month. Rather than be worried and nervous, we guarantee that you will know exactly what to expect on test day. Prepped and Polished offers students the opportunity to take simulated standardized tests, proctored under timed conditions.

The insight and confidence students gain by learning the structure and scoring of the exam, in addition to discovering how to spot problem questions and successfully answer them, makes this an invaluable experience. We provide students with instant feedback by immediately hand-scoring all sections and analyzing each simulated exam. We provide feedback and tips for improvement. Each student receives a detailed assessment of their testing trends, including areas of strengths and areas requiring improvement.


“Alexis and his staff are very professional and know their stuff. He helped my daughter determine which ACT/SAT test to take, and made recommendations for follow-up tutoring. Thanks to Alexis, she will take the test that suits her better, and maximize her scores. He’s the man to see for HS tutoring and standardized test prep.”

Eric S. (Needham, MA)
ACT Client

“We were very happy with the whole experience at Prepped and Polished. They really helped my daughter to get confident and comfortable with the whole ACT format. Her tutor spent a lot of time helping her in the areas where he determined that she specifically needed help. In the end, my daughter was confident going into the test and brought her ACT score up by 4 points, which is HUGE! We highly recommend Prepped and Polished.”

Karen J. (Natick, MA)
ACT Client

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