Three Myths About Big Colleges: Alexis Avila

The Prepped and Polished Podcast is an educational and inspirational show that offers tutoring and test prep tips as well as interviews with celebrities and leaders in education. It is hosted by Alexis Avila, founder of Prepped and Polished LLC, a tutoring and test prep firm for K-college. On today’s show, Alexis helps those of you who are applying for college, decide by sharing: Three Myths About Big Colleges.

There are a lot of myths about big schools, and they’re not true. So, let’s basically eliminate these myths and tell you about the truths.

Myth 1. Big Colleges don’t have small class sizes.

Myth 2. Big Colleges have an out of control party scene.

Myth 3. You won’t meet anyone at a Big College.

Enjoy, Thanks for Listening and remember at The Prepped and Polished Podcast, We Empower You to Take Control of Your Education!

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