SAT Subject Tests Tips

Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished offers advice about taking the SAT Subject Test.

Take the SAT Subject Tests to demonstrate subject mastery and strengthen your college portfolio.
Take SAT Subject Tests at the end of the school year.

Take SAT subject tests to demonstrate your mastery for that particular subject and also to overall strengthen your college portfolio. Now, while some colleges require SAT subject tests, for example, Boston College requires three of them, other colleges will just be impressed to see SAT subject test on your college application.

Now I recommend that you take SAT subject tests at the end of the school year, the May and June tests, because that’s when you’ll have had a Year’s worth of material under your belt and the content will be fresh in your mind.

Now, which SAT subject test to pick? Well, that depends. For example, take multiple science SAT subject tests if you want to show colleges that you’re a right-brain thinker and you enjoy science. If you want to show colleges that you’re a well-rounded candidate, then take SAT subject tests from various academic disciplines. If you’re not sure altogether, then buy this book and take many practice tests; they’re only an hour long. The book is called the official study guide for all SAT subject tests by the college board.

So consider taking SAT subject tests.

I will talk to you soon, bye.

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