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On today’s Tutoring Tips Episode Alexis, focuses on Grammar. He teaches you a cool trick for how to remember when to use “me” and when to use “I” in a sentence.

Our tutoring tips series continues right now with is it Me or I, how to tell the difference.

When to use me and when to use I

Many of us can remember being told that you should never say you and me because not only is it grammatically incorrect but it’s impolite. So instead you should always use you and I. However, savvy grammarians know this isn’t always the case and there is a time and place to use me instead of I. Now, how do you tell the difference?

So first, know that both I and me are pronouns, and they’re used to describe oneself and can be used when there are other individuals in the sentence. I is used when you’re the subject of the sentence, me is used when you’re the object of the sentence.

Now, to figure out if you’re the subject of the object, you can use this simple verbal trick. Drop the other individuals in the sentence and see if the sentence still makes sense.

For example, let’s say mom wanted John and I to take out the trash. I want you to take out the other individual in this sentence. The
other subject in the sentence, in this case it’s John and reread the sentence. Now it’s Mom wanted I to take out the trash. Does that make sense? No, it does not. It sounds silly, and in this case, you would say Mom wanted me to take out the trash, so me would be the correct word to use

So hopefully that was helpful this grammar trick.

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