“I have hired Alexis and Prepped & Polished to tutor my twins for two years in a row. He first worked with them in the beginning of their 6th grade year in preparation for their first ISEE. After 6 or 8 sessions both kids were relaxed and prepared to take the standardized test. They also found it helpful to use Prepped & Polished as a weekly resource to resolve any math questions they had for their regular schoolwork. Their tutor was knowledgeable, punctual, efficient and yet relaxed and calm. Both kids always looked forward to their sessions with him. This year we followed a similar 6-8 session warm up for the test except that at their tutor’s suggestion, we separated the kids so they could benefit from a one on one. I appreciated the way he spent time on the actual material but also addressed test taking strategies (timing, scoring etc) so the kids knew what to do. It worked out really well and when we received the test results our hopes were confirmed. They improved significantly over last year’s results and we were very happy with their overall scores. Their success was certainly enhanced by Prepped & Polished!”