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Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished discusses three things the College Board won’t reveal about the SAT.

Tip 1. The SAT will not predict how you will do in college.
Tip 2. The SAT Essay grader will not spend a lot of time on your essay.
Tip 3. The ACT is a shorter and maybe an easier test than the SAT.

Three things the College Board does not want you to know about the SAT

First Thing

The first thing is that the SAT really will not tell you how you’re going to do in college. I know a lot of students who didn’t do as well as they wanted on the SAT, and they still thrived in college and they’re doing well after college. So do the best you can and learn those test-taking strategies, but don’t stress out so much.

Second Thing

The second thing the College Board doesn’t want you to know about the SAT is the essay graders who grade your essay they’re not going to spend a lot of time on your essay; they’ll probably spend about a minute or two minutes there reading hundreds of them. That being said, don’t give them any excuse to stop, you know, in the middle of your essay and start filling up your essay with red ink. Take care of the basics, and you should be on your way to a good essay score.

Third Thing

The third thing the College Board doesn’t want you to know about the SAT is that it’s a longer and probably a harder test than the ACT. So, if you don’t think you’re going to do well with the guessing penalty on the SAT and you’re not going to stay awake for the SAT, you might want to opt for the ACT. Most colleges today accept the ACT.

So those are your three tips, I hope you enjoyed them, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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