On episode 200, Alexis Avila  speaks with Yulia Rafailova who is founder of Mind Full Education, a company that helps parents and their kids tackle a variety of issues that stem from executive functioning deficits such as:

  • Lack of engagement and motivation in academics/school.
  • Disorganization, losing important items.
  • Emotional overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Poor time management, planning, and prioritizing tasks.
  • Lack of study routine and skills.
  • Communication, asking for help, and self-advocacy.

Yulia says that it’s better to use the word TAKE ACTION (vs. motivation). The word motivated puts a lot of pressure on you. But taking action will lead you to take more action and feel more motivated!

Remember, just because a student is unmotivated it doesn’t mean he is not capable. He might need help setting goals and doing a better job self-starting.





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What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about How to Get Unmotivated Students to Take Action? Do you have any questions for Yulia Rafailova and Alexis Avila?

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